The Walnut
The ‘Walnut’ is a health care service inspired by a traditional hand massage using walnuts, which is popular within elderly people. It is designed to be enjoyable, to provide a constant and easy health care service. The ‘Walnut’ device is like a fidget toy, which was often regarded as a culture of the young. However, we find that the old can be potential customers to enjoy the same experience that fidgets toys provide, and the ‘Walnut’ can make daily health care into something enjoyable. 

Diabetes has become the main health problem of the aged. To measure and solve that problem, we borrowed the concept of walnut hand massage balls that are familiar to them. The ‘Walnut’ can monitor the blood sugar level by using infrared, by which removes the need for gathering blood. In addition, the sensors equipped in the device will measure grasping power and hand shaking of the users. The users can check all the gathered health data on the ‘Walnut’ application. 

‘월넛’은 노년인들이 전통적으로 행하던 호두굴리기 운동을 배경으로 디자인된 헬스케어 서비스입니다. 젊은이들의 전유물이었던 피젯 토이를 노인에게도 제공함으로써 재미있고 지속적인 헬스케어가 가능하도록 만들었습니다. 

노인이라는 타겟을 바탕으로 그들이 주로 겪는 질병과 건강 문제들을 측정, 해결하기 위해 그들이 이제까지 행해왔던 익숙한 손장난을 이용했습니다. 노년인들이 가장 많이 겪는 당뇨병에 대한 혈당 측정이 주요 기능이며 지속적인 검사를 위해 채혈을 하지 않고 적외선을 통해 혈당수치를 측정하는 방법을 사용하였습니다. 혈당 측정 이외에도 제품에 내장되어 있는 센서를 통해 악력과 손떨림을 측정할 수 있으며, 제품 표면의 굴곡을 이용하여 지압, 혈액 순환의 효과를 얻을 수 있습니다. 제품의 센서들을 통해 측정된 모든 건강 데이터는 월넛 앱으로 확인할 수 있습니다.
Gripping and rolling the walnuts in hand is a popular exercise within the elderly people to maintain their health. The rough surface of the walnuts stimulates the hand and improves the blood circulation. Oriental medicine believes that the hands are connected to primary organs including the brain, and those organs can be stimulated by giving pressure to certain points in hands and developing the hand muscles. It is highly effective to reduce hand shaking and muscle loss that the old commonly experiences. Often one or two walnuts are used. 
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